DJ Supersonics

alias Ralph Timmermeester

DJ Ralph is the founder and president of the MoDJs community club in KAUST. He has 15+ years experience in the DJ business. Playing at company events, weddings and birthday parties was his duty during his studies. He re-discovered his passion during the Corona lockdown, bought a DJ controller and streamed music shows online. Now, he is known as the KAUST DJ and his club is playing on DJ club performances, like Sounds of Summer, Salsa nights and during KAUST / Community Life organized events across the year.

Additionally, the MoDJs club is now offering their music & light performances also for private organized events, like boat trips, house parties or desert / desert-camp events (generator available).

His vision is to get internationally recognized and play on festivals like Soundstorm / MDL Beast, Parookaville, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, etc.

WhatsApp: +966 544 700 523